New NanoValid technical report published:

Annegret Potthoff and Wolfgang Unger (2019), Report on SOP for dispersing nanomaterials in water and report on round robin test.


1st BIORIMA Training School

“Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Nano-Biomaterials in Medical Applications”

16–20 April 2018
Venice, Italy


Oscillations of ultra-weak photon emission from cancer and non-cancer cells stressed by culture medium change and TNF- α

Even 2 years after the official end of the project, NanoValid is still producing new publications! Pierre Madl and colleagues (2017) have investigated for the first time the effect of a medium change on the ultra-weak photon emission (UPE) of cell cultures and the effect of TNF-α of varying concentration and with different exposure times on the UPE dynamics of cell cultures, by using a newly developed high-sensitive photomultiplier system.

Biodistribution of Carbon Nanotubes in Animal Models

A new NanoValid publication presenting results from a minor review of the up-to-date knowledge on the in vivo biodistribution of CNT in relation to the authors view on the reliability of existing methods.

See: Jacobsen, N. R., Møller, P., Clausen, P. A., Saber, A. T., Micheletti, C., Jensen, K. A., Wallin, H. and Vogel, U. (2017), Biodistribution of Carbon Nanotubes in Animal Models. Basic Clin Pharmacol Toxicol. doi:10.1111/bcpt.12705


Second open meeting: European Conference on standardization for nanotechnologies and nanomaterials, June 20 in Malta