NanoValid Summer School, Tallinn 2014

NanoValid Summer School

16-17 June 2014; Tallinn, Estonia



This video includes photographs and interviews from the Summer School.


Hands-on training

Protocol 1:

Dispersion and characterization of nanoparticles in different media

Dr. Aleksandr Kaekinen, NICPB


Protocol 2:

P.subcapitata acute toxicity test (OECD 201)

Supervisors: Dr. Villem Aruoja, Dr. Mariliis Sihtmaee, Dr. Kai Kuennis


Protocol 3:

D.magna acute toxicity test (OECD 202)

Supervisors: Dr. Margit Heilaan, Imbi Kurvet MSc, Sandra Suppi MSc


Lectures: Day 1

Lecture 1:

Occupational safety and health in practice

Dr. Miriam Baron, BAUA


Lecture 2:

Ecotoxicity testing of nanoparticles

Dr. Mark Geppert, EAWAG


Lecture 3:

Mesoporous materials: synthesis and characterization

Dr. Roberto Hanoi Labrador, NLAB


Lecture 4:

Dispersion and characterization of nanoparticles

Dr. Annegret Potthoff, FHG


Guest Lecture:

Aquatic ecotoxicity and bio-security assessment of nanoparticles

Prof. Ashok Vaseashta, Institute for Advanced Sciences Convergence & Int'l Clean Water Institute, USA


Lectures: Day 2

Lecture 5:

Pseudokircheneriella subcapitata as a test species in aquatic nanoecotoxicology

Dr. Villem Aruoja, NICPB


Lecture 6:

Daphnia magna as a test species in aquatic nanoecotoxicology

Dr. Margit Heinlaan, NICPB


Lecture 7:

Risk assessment of NPs

Dr. Dana Kuehnel, UFZ