nanoLCA 2013 - Training Day and Joint Workshop

6-8 May 2013
Barcelona, Spain


"Health and Environmental Impact Of Nano-Enabled Products Along Their Life Cycle"


6th May: Training

Who should attend? Master, PhD students and postdocs in the field of nanosafety and nanomaterials science and technology.

Safety issues of nanomaterials along their life cycle

Training registration fee: €100


7-8th May: Workshop

Who should attend? Research scientists working in the field of nanosafety, companies manufacturing or using nanomaterials in products, regulators and policy-makers who need a better understanding of the impact of products containing nanomaterials in all the stages of their life cycle.


7th May: Where we are: the Nanopolytox, Nanofate and Nanosustain perspective
Session 1 - Hazard assessment of nano-enabled products along the life cycle
Session 2 - End of life processes for nano-enabled products
Session 3 - Environmental fate of nano-enabled products along their life cycle
Session 4 - Life Cycle Assessment and Risk Assessment tools applied to nano-enabled products

8th May: Current status & future perspectives on nanosafety
- Running Projects Objectives
- Coming Projects Objectives
- Future Perspectives

Workshop registration fee:
Registration before 15th of April: 175 €
Registration 15-30th of April: 200€
Registration on site: 250 €


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About the projects:
NanoPolyTox – Toxicological impact of nanomaterials derived from processing, weathering and recycling of polymer nanocomposites used in various industrial applications.
NanoFATE – Nanoparticle Fate Assessment and Toxicity in the Environment.
NanoSustain – Development of sustainable solutions for nanotechnology based products based on hazard characterization and LCA.