Intelligent Testing Strategy for Engineered Nanomaterials

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21-22 March 2013
Venice, Italy



The main objective of ITS-NANO is the integration of key stakeholders into the decision making process towards the definition of the Intelligent Testing Strategy, and the definition of a reliable methodology for exposure assessment, hazard identification and risk assessment applicable in future research, speeding up the reliable generation of new knowledge. To maximize the contribution from the scientific community and the regulators to an agreed upon strategy, ITS-NANO is organizing a workshop with the goal to discuss the Intelligent Testing Strategy by integrating key stakeholders into the final decision making process.


Specific discussion topics include:

  • Grouping of nanomaterials according their physicochemical identity and biological impact
  • Details of the research strategy and the work required to achieve this
  • Implementation of the strategy within current and future regulatory frameworks
  • 21st Century toxicology
  • Dissemination of the strategy


To register to the event and participate to the discussion, visit the project website.